Trash bags manufacturers

trash bags manufacturers

Trash bags manufacturers in Russia work to produce flexible packaging. We use a wide variety of applications such as: garbage bags with different capacity – from 10 to 480 liters. It is produced in packs and rolls, with strings and also we offer Bio colored garbage bags.

The manufacturer makes also bags and T-shirt with print in 2 colors. Mostly these goods go to retail outlets for selling. We produce bags for medical purposes — bags for medical waste, which are made by Russian and international standards.

Since 2014 the company due to improved currency situation successfully began its expansion into the international arena and exports its products to customers in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and other regions.

The main difference of our company from the others: it is many years of production experience – since 1998. We have the most advanced equipment, by which we can produce high-quality products and offer our customers the lowest prices.

We use Russian raw materials, which have international certification. This gives us a cost advantage over our competitors by providing the highest quality of the product. Taking into consideration the national currency rate, it is a good advantage. In production, we use different imported additives and coloring agents, which helps to improve the quality of our products.

Location of the garbage bags factory

Geographically, our factory is located in Russia, Kaluga region, Zhukov city, Sovetskaya St house 56.

The space of the company is more than 2 hectares, we have also more than 4 industrial hangars for various production activities.

MIRPACK produces more than 450 tons of products per month. More than 100 tons we ship for export. The share of export is growing rapidly with our company’s reputation in the international market.

We produce more than 200 kinds of garbage bags under its own brand and more than 600 kinds of packages under the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for our customers.

It is possible to send products with labels in any language thanks to our own printing service for label printing.

Our production capacity at the moment:

Garbage bags LDPE packs — 160,000 pieces per day

Garbage bags LDPE rolls TM MiRPACK — 30,000 rolls per day

Garbage bags with ties HDPE — TM MiRPACK — 180 boxes per day

Garbage bags with cord LDPE — TM MiRPACK — 300 boxes per day

Garbage bags, HDPE in rolls — 600 boxes per day.

Bags and T-shirt — Installed capacity is 36,000 T-shirts per hour. Printing up to 2 colors.

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